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Bannadi: Weaving the Tapestry of Success

– Case Description

Bannadi, a brand deeply rooted in Rajasthani culture, embarked on a journey with a mission to blend modern-day style with ethnic prints, creating a unique retreat for the soul. Their success story, spanning from 2022 to the present, is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative marketing strategies.


Bannadi's story began with the inception of their logo, a symbol that encapsulates the grace and heritage of Rajasthan. This logo was more than just an image; it was the embodiment of the brand's essence.


Building the Aesthetics: Our team took on the task of creating captivating graphics that brought out the brand's aesthetics on social media platforms. Through thoughtful design, we painted a visual narrative that resonated with the brand's ethos.
Capturing Beauty: To showcase Bannadi's attire in all its glory, we orchestrated creative photoshoots. From assembling models to photographers and an entire team, we ensured that every shot exuded the brand's unique charm.
Digital Transformation: Taking Bannadi's digital presence to the next level, we built an e-commerce website from scratch. This website was not just visually appealing but also SEO-friendly, ensuring the brand's online success. Ongoing maintenance was a crucial part of this digital transformation.
Influencer Magic: In the world of modern marketing, influencers play a pivotal role. We initiated influencer marketing campaigns, collaborating with micro to top-tier influencers. Their endorsement brought Bannadi to a wider audience.
Performance Marketing Prowess: Two months ago, we introduced performance marketing to supercharge Bannadi's e-commerce sales. The results were remarkable, with a Return on Ad Spend (ROS) of 3x, demonstrating the impact of our strategies.
A Visible Brand: From 2022 to 2023, we made Bannadi a prominent name across multiple marketplaces. The brand's founders and co-founders became recognized figures throughout India. A Thriving Present: Today, Bannadi thrives with a strong online presence and exceptional sales, largely attributed to the successful implementation of performance marketing.

Final Results

Bannadi's success story is a testament to the collaboration between a brand deeply rooted in culture and a marketing agency dedicated to amplifying their story. The brand's journey from a symbol of heritage to a thriving digital and cultural presence is a true inspiration.